Hollis Mead

We are delighted to be supporting another fantastic Local Supplier. Hollis Mead is based in West Dorset, a family-run organic dairy farm with Oliver Hemsley and his family at the helm. From farm manager Ian and his wife Fiona to her twin sister Ali, who’s the dairy delivery queen, everything is produced and carried out by local people who make up the Hollis Mead team.

Disrupting the dairy industry with an unapologetic mission to produce wholesome, eco-friendly milk that makes a noise about nature. Healthy and organic also means that there are no artificial chemicals and as the milk is unhomogenised it contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids as a result of he cows being predominantly grass/clover-fed.

It is important to us to experience where our produce comes from. After spending the morning with Rex and the team at Hollis Mead Farm it was clear the team were passionate about their livestock, the running of the business and their jobs. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we are now stocking fresh, organic and glass bottled Semi skimmed and full fat Hollis Mead Milk at Maiden Newton and Cattistock Stores. Please help to Support Local Businesses. Pop in store and give it a try!