Baboo Gelato

Baboo Gelato was set up in 2015 by Annie Hanbury, a trained gelatiere, who wanted to combine her passion for making seriously good ice cream with the glut of fabulous ripe fruit on her doorstep. This became very clear during a recent visit to the factory.


Handmade using their own fresh, seasonal fruit to produce sensational, mouth-watering flavours like no other. Each batch of Baboo’s artisanal ice cream is carefully prepared from scratch on their premises in Bridport, Dorset, using succulent fruit, local organic milk and lashings of dedication.


Gelato is not simply the Italian name for ice cream. Although it feels very smooth, gelato is made using more milk than cream, and so is much lower in fat than traditional ice cream. There is also less air in gelato, which means it packs more flavour.


How to enjoy gelato at home


Gelato tastes best at -12ºC. This allows the taste buds to be more receptive, which, together with the lower air and cream content, makes the flavour of gelato much more intense. You can achieve this at home by taking the tub out of your freezer (usually at -18ºC) and putting it into your fridge for about 15 minutes before you want to eat it.


A selection of delicious Ice-Creams and Sorbets are available in Maiden Newton and Cattistock Stores. Don’t miss out, give them a try!

For more information on our Baboo Gelato range, feel free to get in touch with us 01300 321190 |